Portions & Prices
Portions  Please note all portions are based on 2" x 2" slices for sponge cakes and 1/2" x 2" slices for fruit cakes. The number of portions each cake will yield can vary depending on how the cake is cut.
To ensure maximum portions from your cake please ask for a copy of our cutting guide.

Size Sponge
6" 11 16 28 36
7" 15 20 40 51
8" 20 28 50 64
9" 27 36 66 84
10" 34 46 78 100
11" 43 58 98 125
12" 50 66 113 144
14" 60 96    
Hexagon, heart and petal cakes measured point to point will yield approximately the same portions as those giveen for round cakes
Prices We are proud to say that we have never made the same cake twice and as such the prices on this site give an indication of what you can expect to pay for your cake.

We appreciate that cakes can be purchased  cheaper from all the main supermarkets, however, our prices reflect the quality of the ingredients used, the time taken to research and design your cake and the many hours spent baking and decorating them.

For wedding cakes, the price also includes, initial consultation, follow up consultation with tasting session, and delivery and set up.

For your peace of mind we are fully insured, our premises have been inspected and passed by the local authorities, and as a member of the British Sugarcraft Guild we strive to achieve the highest standards of food safety, hygiene and service.

Please contact us for a quotation, or to arrange a consultation.
By Natasha